Comprehensive Review of Hello Fresh

In recent years meal kit services have become a growing trend because people want convenience, diversity and cost effectiveness. Hello Fresh has become a leading brand in meal kit services. However, is it all it is said to be? Should you subscribe? Is this the meal delivery service for you? This review will endeavour you to explore all the important aspects of Hello Fresh to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to subscribe to this service. The review will focus on the quality of food, customer service and pricing of the meals and rate each out of 100%

Description –

Hello Fresh is a meal delivery service that sends out a number of well laid out ingredients, accompanied by a recipe on how to cook them. The ingredients are prepared beforehand, which greatly reduces the amount of time that would normally be needed for grocery shopping and preparing the ingredients. All you need to do after receiving the meal delivery is follow the instructions laid out in the accompanying complimentary recipe and voila, your dinner is ready within a matter of minutes. Hello Fresh was founded in 2011 and has since then grown into an international meal delivery service that delivers across United States, Australia, and Western Europe.

Food Quality (90/100) –

Almost all the reviews and testimonials from subscribers point towards the great quality of food. Of great importance is the fact that their ingredients remain fresh during shipping. Each meal is packaged in a cooler box made from Styrofoam. Ice is added to the box to keep the ingredients refrigerated, with the meat and fish being at the bottom next to the ice for maximum preservation. The ingredients remain cold and fresh, but not frozen. Aside from the ingredients being fresh, the recipes have also made an impression on most subscribers because of its combination of being tasty and easy to prepare.

The problem with the food and the reason it doesn’t get a perfect score is the fact that there are instances where the food pack, especially the meat and fish, tear and ruin the entire box. More so, the boxes are not marked as fragile and do not indicate the presence of fresh produce which often leads to mishandling by the courier.

Customer Service (10/100) –

The greatest criticism faced by Hello Fresh service is their poor customer service. Most clients have complained of the rudeness of the customer service agents, the poor response time, the fraudulent policies and so much more. Other issues can also be linked to the customer service such as the lack of tracking numbers on the boxes to monitor delivery, poor delivery in some states as opposed to others, problems with gift cards and coupons etc. That said, some customers have had a positive experience with the Hello Fresh so it can’t all be bad.

Price (98/100) –

For the kind of quality and service offered, the price is relatively fair. The only issue is a limitation in the meal options whereby there isn’t a meal for one person. The grocery store prices might be considerably lower but it is still a cheaper option than eating out at a restaurant. This is a comparison of the Hello Fresh prices with a number of other leading meal kit services.

Hello Fresh Plans

  • Classic Plan
    • $9.99/meal/person
    • Up to 6 meals
    • Serves 2 – 4
  • Veggie Plan
    • $9.99/meal/person
    • Up to 3 meals
    • Serves 2
  • Family Plan
    • $8.74/meal/person
    • Up to 3 meals
    • Serves 2

All prices inclusive of shipping

Blue Apron

  • Two People Plan
    • $9.99/meal/person
    • Serves 2
  • Family Plan
    • $8.74/meal/person
    • Choose between 2 or 4 meals a week
    • Serves 4

All prices inclusive of shipping costs

  • $12 for all plans/serving/person
  • Choose among 2, 3 and 4 servings
  • Choose among 2, 3 and 4 meals per week
  • Meals under $72 require $6 shipping


After reviewing the highlighted factors, you should have a clear sense of whether it is worth the effort. Frankly, I think that rather than risk getting caught up in the customer service problems, it would be a better option to seek another meal kit service. However, if you are in a place where safe delivery is guaranteed, this service is one of the best to use. If you are still confused read hello fresh reviews written by customers on our website.